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Nia Technique at the 2009 Cape Town Women's Show - South Africa

Nia FunNia draws from a variety of martial arts (tai chi, taekwondo, aikido), arts and dance (jazz, modern, Duncan) and somatic approaches (yoga, Feldenkrais Method®, Alexander technique). The practice of Nia lets you develop strength, flexibility, mobility, agility and stability. How it is taught allows you, the individual, to learn to move for yourself first, for the well-being it provides you and without any focus on some unattainable aesthetic ideal that has nothing to do with our real bodies. You know your body best and you have the power to figure out how you want to move and evolve.

While Nia rests on a series of specific movements and principles, its objective is to incite you to be creative, express and enjoy yourself within a renewed experience of movement.  When in class, you are here and now.  You experience the joy of moving to your own rhythm, according to your own abilities, and reconnecting with your spontaneity and coordination.  Nia gives you room to 'own the movement' and live it for yourself, in the moment.

Here is some additional information about the nine disciplines Nia draws from:

Tai chi: go slow...
Tai chi involves a series of slow, gentle and fluid movements executed in a relaxed fashion.

Taekwondo: be accurate
Taekwondo develops strength and power.

Aikido: cultivate harmony and roundness
Aikido's graceful, non-linear movements belie its power.

Jazz:  show off a bit!
Jazz movements let you hang loose, express yourself, show your stuff!

Modern dance:  stay focused while exploring
Modern dance allows you to go beyond your limits, explore what's outside the envelope.

Duncan Dance:  be true and spiritual
Duncan dance lets you reconnect with freedom and spontaneity through movement and letting your soul ­ and your feet! ­ soar.

Yoga:  balance everything
Yoga simply allows you to reconnect with your body.

Moshe Feldenkrais Method:  know how you move
The Feldenkrais Method® is the art of sensory consciousness.

Alexander Technique:  get organized
The Alexander Technique helps you alter stereotypical physical responses through concentrating essentially on movement and position of the head.

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Easy Down• Can I practice Nia even if I'm not in great physical condition?
Yes.  You can start the process of getting back into shape while still going at your rhythm within each individual Nia class.  You will learn to move for yourself.

• Can I practice Nia if I have never done dance or martial arts?
Yes.  Nia is inspired by dance and martial arts but does not require any specific experience or training in these fields.  Everyone is welcome.

• Do you get a cardio-vascular workout from a Nia class?
Yes.  Parts of the routine include more cardio-vascular movements.  But this is nothing like an aerobics class.

• Do I have to be barefoot when I do Nia?
Not necessarily.  Although it is better to be in contact with the floor, you can adapt to doing Nia with comfortable footwear of your choice, if your physical condition requires it.  Some restrictions apply depending on the studio's floor surface.

• Is it possible to attend a class before I register, just to see if this is for me?
Yes.  You can participate in one of our classes, as long as you pay for it.  Just make sure to call and let us know you're coming!

• Is this only for young people or can folks from all ages participate?
Nia is for everyone:  young and old, in top shape or just getting there.  Each person moves within his or her own reality and limitations.

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Legs Up" Did I like it?  I loved it!  I was surprised by the effect the moves had on my body.  They were easy to do and yet, I still felt I was getting a good workout."

" This is a very beautiful approach to making you move in a different way and especially of exploring new areas without any self-censorship."


" It was a real joy to move with Nia.  And I don't think I would be exaggerating if I said that... this is perfect for me!  I have just discovered a discipline that fits who I am."

" This is my new thing!  I feel as if I was doing rehabilitation!  I'm getting my body back."

" Nia is unique and it bolsters self-expression without anyone the fear of being judged.  As a rule, I don't like groups but in this context, I feel totally at ease."

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 cours de Nia

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